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  • Anthony Bordas ,DDS

    Anthony Bordas ,DDS

    47 reviews
    Anthony Bordas ,DDS Location: 12739 Lakewood Blvd Downey, CA 90242 Phone: +15628697006
  • Claudia Q.

    Claudia Q.

    I've been coming to Dr. Bordas' office for about 13 years now. I Love this office. They are so profesional. The office is always clean, i never have a problem making an appointment and they always see me within 10 mins of my appointment time. I actually enjoy my visits to the dentist. I e had all sorts of dental work here from crown replacement to cavity fillings to cleaning and Invisalign. All were pleasant experiences. I never left sore or in pain. Always recommending this office to family and friends.
  • Sandra C.

    Sandra C.

    Waiting time is short and staff is very courteous & helpful. Dental assistants & Dr. Bordas take time to work on your teeth and throughly explain any issues. It really does show that everyone in this office take pride in their work, which is rare to see in many other dental offices.
    Thank you all!
  • Steve M.

    Steve M.

    This office is great. Dr. Bordas and his staff are very personal. Great dentist for the whole family
  • Robert H.

    Robert H.

    Just completed the somewhat lengthy process of having a tooth implant after being diagnosed with tooth resorption from another dentist. First, a was recommended to Anthony by a nurse I work with and after checking out his credentials I decided to go here. Dr. Bordas does no shortcuts and the lengthy part of the procedure was the bone graft to do the job of building bone structure. He is meticulous and knows what he is doing. The staff is friendly and I will now start having my cleanings done by his dental hygienist who is thorough
  • Elisa P.

    Elisa P.

    I have been going to this place since I was little. They are super nice people and really quick and easy. Very helpful when making appointments and always accommodate my needs.
  • Daniel M.

    Daniel M.

    Wow. It's been too long and need to write my review. Let me ask you readers of this review if you ever thought "who is the dentist of a dentist?" Well let me answer that *I* am a dentist and, I kid you not, I needed to get a particular tooth extracted. Most of my dental friends are in other cities and I work alone in the office I'm at so had to find a dentist close by and would see me early. I did a quick Yelp check and lo and behold I came across this doctor. He is near the 105 and a hop skip and a jump away from my home so with scrubs on and just before work I came into this gorgeous office and was seen by Dr B. Man oh man am I forever grateful to him and his amazing staff. Very professional and the doctor has hands of silk. Didn't feel the anesthetic shot and didn't feel the extraction. You can look at my record on Yelp. I'm a Yelpaholic and trust me when I say to go see Dr B!
  • Brian C.

    Brian C.

    I really dislike the dentist. However Dr. Bordas is the only dentist I have returned to multiple times. He is amazing. As well as the office and back office staff. I would highly recommend him.
  • M. P.

    M. P.

    Best dentist in Downey and anywhere! Our entire family has been seeing Dr. Bordas and his staff for over 30 years. Love him, his office staff, and his hygienists. Honest with integrity. Simply the best!!
  • Patricia G.

    Patricia G.

    He's an EXCELLENT dentist. His staff is AMAZING. I've had extensive dental work he's very PATIENT with patients such as myself (fear of dental work ). I'm very THANKFUL to everyone at this practice. God bless EVERYONE
  • Monica G.

    Monica G.

    Second visit & I have nothing more than great reviews for Dr. Bordas and his whole staff! The customer service is top tier. Its the little things that matter but go a long way such as, thank you (goodie) bags, welcome to the family cards, when I walk in for my appointment the receptionist automatically know who I am without me having to tell them. Love love loveeeeeeee!!!!!!
  • Hope D.

    Hope D.

    Dr. Bordas has been my dentist for over 27 years and he and his team are the best. I was 25 years old when I started going to him and my only child was 5. Although we were young we had already experienced horrifying treatment from others. A coworker recommended Dr. B and we've been with him every since. He corrected all of my issues and he treated my daughter so well that she did have to suffer all that I endured. She's now a mom of my 3 years old grandson and he's already a patient of Dr. B which means I'm a grandmother and Dr. B is a grand-dentist.
  • Nancy C.

    Nancy C.

    I always have a good experience at Dr Bordas' office. I have referred him to all my friends, family and co-workers.
  • Cynthia F.

    Cynthia F.

    I used to hate going to the dentist but not anymore. Dr Bordas is an Amazing dentist and his staff are very friendly and helpful. I had my teeth cleaned a few days ago and I am over 60 years old and this is the first time my cleaning was pain free. I highly recommend Dr Bordas and his staff.
  • Audrey V.

    Audrey V.

    Dr. Bordas and staff are absolutely amazing.  There are not enough stars.  Dr. Bordas is very patient and he has gentle hands.  He did a crown for me & I didn't feel a thing.  Norma is an excellent dental hygienist.  She is very knowledgeable & provides honest feedback about your oral health.
  • Fr. John H.

    Fr. John H.

    Dr. Bordas is excellent. He always checks to make sure that there is no pain during the procedure and is very thorough. His staff is friendly and welcoming. His technicians know what they're doing and are both professional and very friendly. I always feel comfortable when I'm there and if I need anything they will do their best to help me.
  • Roxy H.

    Roxy H.

    Excellent Dentist, very talented and caring. Dr. Bordas is honest and takes care of his patients, he always makes sure your comfortable. The hygienist did an amazing cleaning job and was very careful, made my visit pleasurable. Been going to Dr. Bordas for over 10 years and have referred my family and friends, because he and his staff are amazing.
  • Makayla E.

    Makayla E.

    I have never liked going to the dentist. However, Dr. Bordas, the front office staff and hygienists really create a comfortable environment, especially for nervous patients. I had a visit yesterday 2/26 at 5:15 and the front office ladies truly show each time how eager they are assist and exude kindness/helpfulness. I am so thankful. Also, I want to shout out the hygienist I had (I don't know her name) but she is truly the sweetest and most caring person who does exceptional work. I appreciate them all!!
  • Sarah W.

    Sarah W.

    This is by far the best dental experience my boyfriend has ever had in Los Angeles or surrounding areas. The reviews brought us in and the sweet ladies sitting in the office combined with the skilled confident dentist brought us back. The office is cool calm and soothing as happy music fills the lobby. I hope someone reads this and gets over their fear of the dentist. This office is the place to help you get over your fears and improve your dental health to go on with your life. Thank you Dr. Bordas, and all your staff
  • Johnny A.

    Johnny A.

    Great dentist that actually cares enough to go over what was wrong with you and not rush over to the next patient. I will definitely recommend this place
  • Vero G.

    Vero G.

    I was recommended here by a friend and I have been here a few times now. Doctor is excellent, professional, friendly, and makes you feel comfortable even though your at a dentistry office.
  • Victoria B.

    Victoria B.

    So friendly and efficient! I felt very comfortable with the entire team at Dr.Bordas's office and would 100% recommend them to my friends. I completely trust this team with all my dental needs.
  • Elias H.

    Elias H.

    I can't say enough good things about Dr Bordas and his team. I woke up today with a horrendous pain in my teeth, gums, and jaw. I needed to see someone right away. The receptionist was very kind when I called in and she asked if it was urgent, I said yes, she asked how soon can you get here? THAT is great service. I arrived in 15 minutes, filled out my first time patient paperwork and was seen within 15 minutes. The place is immaculate, so clean, organized, and welcoming. I kid you not, within 30 seconds of examining my mouth, Dr Bordas found the root of the problem (no pun intended). My previous dentist couldn't find out what was wrong with me even after x-rays. Dr Bordas has top of the line technology and equipment, and hooked up a camera rig to get a better look at my top wisdom tooth. His assistant walked me through the easiest and least invasive x-ray of my life. I believe it was a panoramic x-ray. Dr Bordas heard me out as I explained to him my dental history and was patient and understanding. He wrote me a prescription for antibiotics and then scheduled the wisdom tooth extraction for next week, and his services are priced very fairly, actually more than fair considering the level of care.
  • Dinara C.

    Dinara C.

    Dr Bordas is in the process of rebuilding my entire mouth after an anforunate poor quality job that was done by another dental doctor who is thankfully no longer practices and retired. I always wish I met him earlier in my dental problems , I'm sure I would have less trouble by now. But.. better now than never and I'm glad that Dr Bordas is our family doctor.
    Dr Bordas  is the most honest and understanding , caring and a true master of his work, most importantly he is very diligent and incredibly intelligent in his industry , detail oriented and truly just a best dental doctor I've ever had in my life and I had many due to my dental problems. I am absolutely totally confident that he will restore to the best  that can be for me with my teeth . He always ensures that you are comfortable , informs you of risks upfront and also helps you understand every procedure .  I'm relieved that my health is in his hands. Truly relieved. He is the best doctor and a human being . My entire family trusts him. I'm still in my journey to have reconstruction of entire mouth but I'm confident that I'll get my dental health taken care by him. We  love Dr. Bordas. We can't thank him enough for everything he does for me and my husband . There are not many like him. He has dignified practice , high morals and genuine caring heart. Consider yourself lucky if you get to be  his patient. He has an amazing endodontist working in partnership with him Dr Edon Hirt and they are both are just incredibly talented in what they do. I feel like I can finally breath free knowing that these 2 will make me smile again.
  • Ray Z.

    Ray Z.

    Dr Bordas and his staff are like family. They're awesome people, honest and hard working. Highly recommend
  • Lisa L.

    Lisa L.

    Dr. Bordas, his Dental Hygienists and the office staff are the best.  They are always nice and friendly, professional and efficient.
  • Maria F.

    Maria F.

    I know Dr. Bordas to be the most professional, knowledgeable, friendly, and caring dental professional I have ever worked with. He really knows his stuff!. I travel a long distance to see Dr. Bordas and it is well worth it. I will not see any other dentist.
  • T R.

    T R.

    BEST DENTIST EVER! Dr. Bordas really is the best dentist I've ever had. He did and AMAZING job of filling my front tooth that I chipped when I was younger. The color and shape matched perfectly! I was previously disappointed in the color of my filling done by a different dentist but I finally got the courage to get it re-done, this time with Dr. Bordas since I've heard so many great reviews. Well the reviews are real! No pain and amazing results. I wish I would've don't it sooner! I would definitely recommend Dr. Bordas for your dental concerns. You will be in great hands!
  • Samantha B.

    Samantha B.

    Great Experience!! I got Invisalign from Dr. Bordas. The whole experience has been amazing. The staff is really friendly and helpful. Dr. Bordas is very knowledgeable and friendly. The office is clean! I would recommend anyone to this office!
  • MALI G.

    MALI G.

    Great experience from the moment you walk in the door! Super friendly, helpful, and knowledgeable staff. Short wait as they are very prompt. Love this dentist, and his office staff, and appreciate that they don't overcharge me, or up-sell me on unnecessary costly dental work.

    My husband has been going here since he was little, so when I got tired of the LA dentists insisting I needed deep cleanings every single visit (not covered by dental insurance so the cost came out of pocket), I decided to try this dentist, and I'm so glad I did! They're honest and great at what they do!
  • Mylai K.

    Mylai K.

    Always the best service and treatment. I been going for more than 15 years and will definitely recommend Doctor Bordas. He's the best dentist !!
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